Joe Peters

Joe Peters

Glass Artist

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A Brief History

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, Joe was active in the local art scene at a young age. While attending Holyoke Community College, Joe began glassblowing and later studied flameworking at Snow Farm, a craft school based in Williamsburg, MA. Joe later became established as a flameworking teacher, teaching at Snow Farm, and the Penland Art School.


Joe attributes the greatest influence on his work to be from glass artists Robert Michelson and Vittorio Costantini, while he is most impressed by contemporary artists Banjo and Buck. Joe also draws on instruction from glass artists such as Lucio Bubacco, Loren Stump, Robert Burch, Sally Prasch, Milon Townsend, Robert Mickelsen, and Emilio Santini.

Functional Work

In 2012, encouraged by growing international demand from private collectors and galleries, Joe created work that was increasingly inclusive of functional glass components. In order to be closer to the glass community and to do more collaborative work, Joe relocated to Evergreen, CO., where he joined the Everdream Studio with other flameworkers, N8, Adam G, WJC, Elbo, and Eusheen. On his own and through collaborative engagements, Joe continues to create pieces for glass enthusiasts worldwide. His functional glass works were featured in his show at GooseFire Gallery in Los Angeles, CA in 2013. Joe has created an aquarium that is on display at the Boston Children’s Hospital as of 2012.

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