“Anemone Series Pt. 2″



Project Description

During the summer of 2015, Joe and his brother, Dave, travelled to Malaysia to explore the coral reefs and sea-life on the eastern coast. Coming back to Everdream Studio, Joe was inspired by this experience to create the first series of “Anemone” rigs. This is the second series of Anemone rigs, and focuses more on the pink skunk clownfish as well as UV reactive glass rather than the well-known orange clownfish pt.1 .


More about UV (Ultra-Violet) reactive glass… 

Historians believe the use of uranium in glass dates back to 79AD. However, without UV light bulbs, which were invented in 1935, uranium infused glass was only prized for its pale green color, and not for the radioactive glow for which it is prized today. The common use of uranium in glass as a color variant changed during World War II when all production of uranium glass in the U.S. came to a halt because of the government’s confiscation of uranium supplies. Production of uranium glass didn’t pick back up until 1958. Today, the industry’s top borosilicate glassmakers are re-vitalizing this ancient practice with amazing results. With even brighter glowing greens and ever new glowing hues, UV glass helps give glass pieces an added dimension or ‘awe factor’.

below: The anemones made of NS Illuminati glow under UV light. The pink skunk clown fish are each coated in GA Electric Pink Flamingo which gives them a subtle pink glow.  

Exposed to Natural Light

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Exposed to Ultra-Violet (UV) Light

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Black & White Ocellaris Clownfish with Illuminati Bubble-tip Anemone (above)

This piece depicts two black & white ocellaris clown fish swimming above their natural homes in a illuminati bubble tip anemone. This piece is unique in the series as it is the only piece to feature a clownfish mouthpiece. GA Electric Pink Flamingo is layered over the TAG Pink Cadillac to give the fish a reddish hue under UV light.

  • 14mm female joint
  • 3 hole perc
  • 5.28″ height
  • 3.10″ base diameter
This piece is available at an authorized Joe P retailer.

Without UV Light

With UV Light

Pink Skunk Clownfish with Illuminati Anemone (above)

Pink Skunk Clownfish are one of the smallest varieties of clownfish and are most known for being heavily dependent on their host anemone. Pretty pink or orangish pink coloration with a white “skunk” line extending along its back and a white head bar, this fish has a relatively peaceful disposition. Nestled amongst a UV reactive illuminati bubble tip anemone, this clownfish also features UV reactivity ‘Electric Pink Flamingo’ by Glass Alchemy and glows pink when exposed to UV light.

  • 10mm female joint
  • 2 hole perc
  • 4.46″ height
  • 1.23″ base diameter
This anemone has found a loving home.

Without UV Light

With UV Light

Pink Skunk Clownfish with Amber Purple Bubble-tip Anemone (above)

Nestled amongst an amber purple bubble tip anemone, this clownfish is also UV reactive. ‘Electric Pink Flamingo’ by Glass Alchemy glows pink when exposed to UV light.

  • 14mm female joint
  • 3 hole perc
  • 4.65″ height
  • 2.32″ base diameter
The amber purple mini-Anemone is available. Click Here.

Without UV Light

With UV Light

Pink Skunk Clownfish with NS Illuminati Bubble-tip Anemone (above)

This anemone piece features two clown fish living in their symbiotic relationship with the bubble tip anemone. One of the two has strayed away from its home towards the bottom of the piece.

  • 14mm female joint
  • 3 hole perc.
  • 4.28″ height
  • 1.34″ base diameter
The Illuminati Anemone is available. Click Here.

More photos from Joe’s scuba trip in Malaysia, Summer 2015.