Joe P, Banjo, & ELBO – “Double Dino Ascension”


Designed to be a pipe meant for two smokers, “Double Dino Ascension” invites you to re-think how a vessel can shape the landscape of the smoking ritual. Since ancient times the object being smoked from has been passed around in a circle, one individual experience to the next. With this piece the two users can each load their own hit and smoke together without competing for vapor like with other two-mouthpieced pipe contemporaries.

Two Pipes, One Spectacular Piece…

This piece features a unique functionality designed with two smokers in mind. Each dino is a functional waterpipe, and can be used either individually or by two users at the same time making for a one of a kind experience.

Flower of Life…

Flower of Life murrine adorn the piece giving it a trancendental feeling