ELBO & Joe P – “Crystal Stegosaurus” 

A collaboration between Joe and fellow shopmate ELBO, “Crystal Stegosaurus” is a truly original idea executed in a fun and unique fashion. Inspired by his own crystal and mineral collecting, Joe wanted to create the same “phantom” effect certain quartz crystals emit. After creating and cold working a collection of glass crystals he and Elbo worked together to make a Stegosaurus utlizing them as the bony plates. A crystal stopper can be removed to reveal a 14mm female fitting for smoking use.

Fun Fact: 

Phantom Quartz is created over millions of years as it forms over existing crystals. In the metaphysical realm Phantom Quartz are symbolic of universal awareness and the many phases of the cycle of life.  Phantoms are believed to bring great healing to the Earth by helping to assimilate the past.